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口腔颌面外科杂志  2017, Vol. 27 Issue (4): 299-301    DOI: doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1005-4979.2017.04.016
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周竹云, 刘向辉, 孙卫革, 杨建, 黄辉
南京中医药大学附属解放军第八一医院口腔科,江苏   南京   210002
PICC Catheter Misplaced in Jugular Vein: Case Report
 ZHOU  Zhu-Yun, LIU  Xiang-Hui, SUN  Wei-Ge, YANG  Jian, HUANG  Hui
Department of Stomatology, PLA 81 Hospital, Nanjing 210002, Jiangsu Province, China
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摘要 口腔颌面恶性肿瘤术前诱导化疗时,常规行经外周静脉中心静脉置管(Perpherally inserted cerctral Denous cathetere, PICC)。在PICC置管正确,完成术前诱导化疗后,出现PICC管异位的情况罕见。本文报道1例舌癌术前诱导化疗后,术中发现PICC管异位于术侧颈内静脉内,经妥善处理后将其取出。
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关键词颈内静脉;     经外周静脉中心静脉置管;     异位;     根治性颈清术     
Abstract: Induction chemotherapy before oral and maxillofacial ablative surgery is often treated with PICC catheter. On the premise of correct placement of PICC catheter, it is rare to see the malposition after preoperative induction chemotherapy. This article reported a 61-year-old male with tongue cancer staged at T2N2aM0. During neck dissection, the PICC catheter was found misplaced in jugular vein. This malposition occured after preoperative induction chemotherapy. After proper treatment, it was completely removed.
Key wordsjugular vein   PICC   ectopic   radical neck dissection   
通讯作者: 刘向辉,主任医师.     E-mail: E-mail: njbyliuxh864234@.sina.com
作者简介: 周竹云(1983—),男,上海人,主治医师,硕士. E-mail:zzy183@qq.com
周竹云,刘向辉,孙卫革等. 颈清术中见PICC管异位于颈内静脉1例[J]. 口腔颌面外科杂志, 2017, 27(4): 299-301.
ZHOU Zhu-Yun,LIU Xiang-Hui,SUN Wei-Ge et al. PICC Catheter Misplaced in Jugular Vein: Case Report[J]. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 2017, 27(4): 299-301.
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